“Field on Revenge”

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  • Fecha: 14/08/2012
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Conferencia de Agustín Rayo (MIT)

Martes 14 de agosto, 17 hs.


In a series of recent papers, Hartry Field has proposed a novel class of solutions to the semantic paradoxes, and argued that the new solutions are ‘revenge-immune’. He has argued, in particular, that by building on a sufficiently expressive language one can get a language which is able to express its own semantic theory, including its own truth predicates and any intelligible determinacy predicates. The purpose of this talk is to argue that the plausibility of Field’s revenge-immunity claim depends crucially on the status of higher-order languages. We show that by availing oneself of higher-order resources one can give an explicit characterization of the key semantic notion underlying Field’s proposal, and note that inconsistency would ensue if the languages under discussion were expressive enough to capture this notion.